About the Bern Animal Park

The Bern Animal Park is the public zoo of the city of Bern. It is a local recreational and educational area and offers children and adults many opportunities to experience nature. The Bern Animal Park consists of the zoo in the Dählhölzli forest – affectionately known as “Dählhölzli” by the Bernese – and the BearPark, which is spatially separated from the rest of the zoo.

For years, animal welfare has been given top priority. Wild animals can live out a large part of their natural behaviour here in sections of their habitats. The enclosures are spacious, structured in a way that is appropriate for the animals, furnished in a natural way and carefully maintained.

The zoo consists of an area open to the public with facilities along the Aare and a section open to the public where Nordic-European and exotic animal species live.

The Atlantic puffin, also known as the common puffin

Mission statement

The zoo imparts knowledge about the animals and their threat due to habitat destruction and contributes to biodiversity.

Two leopards standing on a rock

Organisation and finances

The Bern Animal Park is the zoo of the city of Bern, the federal capital of Switzerland, and consists of the Dählhölzli Zoo and the BearPark in the centre of the city.

Our team

The team at Bern Animal Park has a common goal: More room for diversity! We are always happy to answer any questions you may have!

Our history

In 1873, the foundations were laid for a small deer park, which has grown to become one of the most attractive in Switzerland.

Alpenprinzessin in den AareAlpen


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Here you will find questions and answers about your visit to the zoo. Get an overview!

zoo community

The commitment of the international zoo community saves many animal species from extinction.

Misha und Masha im Teich der Bärenanlage im Dählhölzli

Work in the zoo

An animal’s bright future! Vacancies are advertised in Amtsanzeiger Bern and on the City of Bern’s job portal.

Our commitment

The Bern Animal Park takes its social responsibility seriously and is involved in many areas such as species conservation and environmental education.

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