Our guiding principle

More room for diversity

At a time when humans are moving further and further away from nature and biodiversity is declining worldwide, the space in which people encounter nature and its biodiversity is becoming increasingly important.

The Bern Animal Park plays a central role in this respect and offers a variety of native as well as exotic animal species more space to live in and around its spacious facilities. In addition to recreation and enjoyment, the animals, interactive experiences and efforts to protect nature and species are at the centre of our work.

As the animal park of the city of Bern, the zoo offers space for cooperation on various levels. Kindergartens, schools, but also universities, museums, nature conservation organisations and strong partners from the business community work together with the zoo on the message and its implementation of a long-term and sustainable commitment to diversity in and around Bern.

Where is the zoo going in the future?

The motto “More space for fewer animals” has been successfully implemented for many years in the Bern Animal Park. The spacious facilities in the forest but also along the Aare have a unique character and are entirely in the spirit of animal welfare. In order to achieve this, the keeping of various species was discontinued. Fewer species were given more space. In well-structured, spacious enclosures, our animals are worthy ambassadors of their species and contribute to fascinating people on many different sensory levels and sensitising them to the careful treatment of nature.

At a time when the diversity of native species is diminishing, the space still available to animals at all is becoming increasingly important. The Bern Animal Park is not only home to animals that live in the facilities, but is also a habitat for many native species. It has great potential to get involved in this area and thus make a direct contribution to nature and species conservation. In addition to more space for animals, the Bern Animal Park also offers space for people’s needs: fascinating experiences, unique encounters, recreation and enjoyment. And it offers space for cooperation. In the areas of research, education, species conservation and citizen science, Bern Animal Park opens up a new world to a diversity of people and promotes partnerships that help to protect and promote biodiversity in the long term.

The Bern Animal Park offers “More room for diversity“, in and around Bern!

Nahaufnahme von mehreren Wisenten

We are space

for animals

Animal welfare is our top priority.

for experiences

We convey complex facts from the animal kingdom in an innovative and interactive way, promote emotional experiences and motivate respectful interaction with nature.

for nature and species conservation

We are actively involved in the protection of regional and international animal species and their habitats.

for cooperation

We open up perspectives for people, create synergies and promote opportunities to think and act beyond borders.

for development

We are committed to research and implement new, scientific findings in an innovative and targeted manner.

for sustainability

We strive to promote regional offers in all areas and to implement and use them in a climate and environmentally friendly way.

for relaxation and enjoyment

We help to slow down and inspire new thoughts.

in Bern

The zoo belongs to Bern as Bern belongs to the zoo.

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