Organisation of Bern Animal Park

The Bern Animal Park is a department of the City of Bern and belongs to the Directorate for Security, Environment and Energy. The Bern Animal Park consists of the zoo in the Dählhölzli Forest (affectionately known as ‘ds Dählhölzli’ to Bernese people) and the BearPark in the historic centre of the city. The facilities along the Aare and the BearPark are free of charge, while the facilities in the Dählhölzli Zoo with most of the animal species are subject to admission.

The operation of the zoo is mainly supported and financed by the City of Bern. When building animal facilities, we rely on the support of third parties.

Illustration of the organization of the Bern Zoo


The Bern Animal Park is an organisational unit of the Bern City Administration. Therefore, the accounts of the zoo can be found in the municipal financial reports.


The municipal council prepares the budget for the next calendar year by taking into account the effects of the financial plan and the economic situation. For each product and service, it is determined as precisely as possible how much is to be spent on which tasks and services and how much is to be collected. The budget of the income statement is binding. Since the City of Bern manages its accounts according to the principles of “New Public Management”, the budget is called the “product group budget”.

Annual reports

The annual report contains the municipal accounts with product group accounts, income statement, balance sheet, investment statement, evaluations, statistics, etc. The annual report of the Bern Animal Park is public, any interested person can view it.

Annual reports (in German)

The Bern Animal Park publishes an annual report every year in which all the important facts and figures about the Bern Animal Park are recorded.

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