Sustainable development

The Bern Animal Park fulfils its social mission within the Framework Strategy For Sustainable Development RAN2030 of the city of Bern.

The City of Bern has defined six key areas for action. Here you can find out what the zoo is already doing and where it will become more involved.

Social cohesion and equal opportunities

The Bern Animal Park is a recreational and educational space, offering children and adults many opportunities to experience nature. 2/3 of its area is free of charge and allows everyone to experience wildlife in Bern at any time of the day or night.

The offers range from the “Chlini Dählhölzli Forscher” (3Y) to diverse models for teaching children and young people about nature and its handling in a playful and sympathetic way outside of school.

Culture as well as exercise opportunities for young and old are points that can be experienced every day in the zoo. The charming location of the zoo, close to the city, contributes significantly to the residential climate of the city of Bern.

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Public spaces and biodiversity

The Bern Animal Park is THE place in the city of Bern where not only animals live in spacious enclosures, but also a high biodiversity between and within the enclosures. 2/3 of the area is accessible free of charge and thus enables everyone to have close encounters with nature that promote recreation.

The Bern Animal Park uses its resources sustainably and maintains the facilities on the Aare, which are part of the development concept for watercourses.

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Climate protection and climate adaptation

The Bern Animal Park pays close attention to its footprint. Most of the zoo’s vehicles run on electricity, more and more facilities are being equipped with Voltaik systems, turbines in the vivarium use water energies and lighting is being adapted to optimise animal welfare and save electricity in the long term.

The switch to new technology will lead the zoo into a sustainable future.

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Ecological, social and innovative business location

The Bern Animal Park pays attention to regionality, seasonality and sustainability when buying its products. Hay and straw come from the region, as do meat, fish, vegetables and most fruit.

Craftsmen as well as consultants are preferably requested from the region and help to carry the zoo into the future.

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Municipal finances

The Bern Animal Park is financed by the people of Bern through a special account. With money from third parties (fundraising / donations) it is possible for the Bern Animal Park to develop further. The way forward will mean that all HSPs of the city of Bern will be integrated into the overall planning and that Bern Animal Park can look forward to a modern and sustainable future as a pioneering model.

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Participation and partnerships

The Bern Animal Park has set itself the goal of becoming one of the most charming and innovative zoos in Switzerland, of making a sustainable contribution to regional nature and species conservation and of investing in the education and promotion of young people and cooperation with committed and interested people.

With its diverse offerings, the Bern Animal Park makes a significant contribution to the residential climate of the city of Bern.

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