Nature Conservation & Animals

Bern Animal Park is known for its spacious facilities and exceptional location. Native species such as bear, lynx, wolf but also rarer species such as moose, musk ox and ice fox can be observed 365 days a year. In the vivarium – at the heart of the zoo – you enter a tropical garden where exotic animals and the largest reef in Switzerland can be admired. The Bern Animal Park is a scientifically managed zoo.

Nahaufnahme von eine Pantherchamäleon

Zoo Encyclopedia

In our animal encyclopaedia you will find a large selection of animals that you can experience during your visit to the Bern Animal Park.


Our facilities are optimally adapted to the animals and their needs, and animal welfare is our top priority.

Nahaufnahme von einem Moschusochsen

Young animals

Here we regularly introduce you to our youngest zoo inhabitants. Learn interesting facts about our young animals.


Species protection

There are now over 40,000 species on the Red List of threatened species. We are committed to the task of species conservation.

Nahaufnahme von einem Feuersalamander

Conservation projects

True to its new motto “More room for diversity”, promoting nature conservation is a top priority for the Bern Animal Park.


The zoo regulations state prominently that the zoo creates knowledge about the animal world and the appropriate keeping of wild animals.



With a sponsorship, you support the Bern Animal Park in keeping its animals animal-friendly and close to nature and receive a sponsorship certificate.

Pigeons mating

Pigeons in Bern

The city of Bern strives for a small but healthy pigeon population. If you have any questions about the city pigeons, please contact pigeons Bern.


Here you will find questions and answers about your visit to the zoo. Get an overview!

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