Aare bank facilities

They were newly created and designed as a side arm of the river after the flooding of the Aare in 1999. The facilities are home to European beavers, otters and Dalmatian pelicans. In addition, the facilities serve as a reservoir during floods, which means that the Aare also has a pronounced creative power.

The Dalmatian Pelican

The Bern Animal Park has kept the largest pelican species since 1971, but they have only been breeding successfully since 2008. Whether this is due to the composition of the group or the installation of the floating breeding island remains to be seen. In any case, since then the breeding of the majestic water birds has been successful on a regular basis.

However, grey geese occupy the breeding island time and again, forcing the pelicans to move to the natural peninsula, but this does not reduce their breeding success.

The otter

In 1989, the last traces of a wild otter were found on the southern shore of Lake Neuchâtel. In the surrounding countries, too, consistent persecution almost caused the fish lover to disappear. Now the populations are recovering and individual animals have also been sighted in Switzerland.

Animals in the facility

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