Leopard facility

The leopard enclosure in the Bern Animal Park recreates a barren rocky landscape as it might occur in the natural range of the Persian leopard – which stretches from the Caucasus via Iran to Afghanistan. The enclosure is divided into two areas and offers protected places where the leopards can also retreat. The fine wire net is supported by oak trunks from the Dählhölzli forest. The covered spectator area in front of the enclosure allows guests to experience the leopards up close through bulletproof glass.

Leopard enclosure at Bern Animal Park

There are spacious paths for visitors to stroll along with good views of the enclosure. Even with large numbers of visitors, the concept takes into account the need to be able to see a leopard without disturbing the animals. There are sheltered seating areas for resting and quiet observation.

The facility was completed in 2006 with the support of the zoo association.

Two leopards standing on a rock
Leopards Merging

Animals in the facility

Persische Leoparden
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