The Vivarium is a single terrarium and habitat in its entirety, yet also offers space for numerous terrariums and aquariums. The building is designed as a light-flooded hall with diverse subtropical and semi-arid habitats for exotic species. The walls are a habitat for a diverse flora, which grow on the walls and form a dense plant cover over all building elements. The floor lowers towards the seal enclosure outside, allowing guests to slowly immerse themselves in aquatic worlds from the Amazon to the coral reef to the mangrove. Almost 200 animal species live in the Vivarium, which forms the core of the Dählhölzli Zoo.

Nahaufnahme von einem Exuma-Wirtelschwanzleguan


Pygmy marmoset



Free in the Vivarium



Social insects

Nahaufnahme von eine Pantherchamäleon

Other facilities at Dählhölzli Zoo

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