The Bern BearPark is a unique recreation area at the lower end of the old town of Bern. It is open around the clock and free for all visitors. Brown bears have been living in this generously-sized enclosure on the banks of the river Aare since 2009.

Hibernation in the BearPark

Björk, Finn and Ursina in the BearPark are now in hibernation. They moved back in their dens, like wild Brown Bears do in our climate zone. All three bears rest alone in one den. They do not leave the den anymore – except now and then one of them trots through the Park for short time. Thanks to the abundant autumn food, the three have increased their body mass considerably – a necessity to get through the winter.


Due to a technical renewal and related adjustments, the bears will not be visible on the webcams in their winter dens this year.

Finn liebt das Wasser im BärenPark (September 2015)

Opening times

  • Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

The keepers are there at these times: every day from 08.00 to 17.00

Björk im BärenPark (April 2016)

Getting there

If you catch bus number 12, direction Paul Klee Centre, you can reach the BearPark from Bern’s main station in 6 minutes.

Address: Grosser Muristalden 4, 3006 Bern

Ursina und Björk klettern auf einen Baum im BärenPark (2011)

BearPark Experiences

Make your visit to the the BearPark something very special!

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