The BäreBähnli is out of service until further notice due to a technical fault.


The Bernese bears are at home in the BearPark in the middle of the city. The “Mutzen” live exclusively in the park on the slopes of the River Aare, with a view of Bern’s UNESCO-listed Old Town. The 5,000 square metre area stretches from the former bear pit down to the banks of the Aare and can be experienced without any obstacles. This is because the “BäreBähnli” creates a fast wheelchair-friendly connection between the banks of the Aare and the upper part of the park. The panoramic inclined lift can be used free of charge. It’s a unique experience to glide through the park past the bears’ noses!

The bears sense spring

With longer days, the hibernation of the bears in the BearPark is coming to an end. Björk, Finn and Ursina are beginning to appear outside their winter den from time to time. They explore the area, eat some grass, sniff at each other or are playing together. Their appetite is still small, and they still live on their reserves of last autumn.


Due to a technical renewal and related adjustments, the bears will not be visible on the webcams in their winter dens this year.

"Finn" loves the water in the BearPark (September 2015)

Opening hours

  • Open 365 days a year around the clock

Presence time of the animal keepers: Every day from 08.00 to 17.00 hours

"Björk" at the BearPark (April 2016)

Getting here

Public transport: From Bern railway station, take bus no. 12 in the direction of Zentrum Paul Klee and get off at the BearPark stop.

Address: Grosser Muristalden 4, 3006 Bern

"Ursina" and "Björk" climbing a tree in the BearPark (2011)

Experiences in the BearPark

Make your visit to the BearPark something very special! Our diverse range of activities offers lots of animal fun for young and old.


There is always something going on at the zoo. Here we inform you about upcoming public events.

"Björk" on Elm (May 2013)


Here you will find questions and answers about your visit to the BearPark Bern. Get an overview!

Der Schräglift ermöglicht einen hindernisfreien Zugang zur Aare beim Bärenpark.


The “BäreBähnli” provides obstacle-free access to the Aare at the BearPark. It connects the upper viewing platform with the lower Aare promenade.

Bern and bears

The city of Bern has been closely associated with the bear since its foundation. Even today, the bear is present on flags, fountains and buildings.

Our bears

Learn interesting facts about the biology of Europe’s largest carnivore and get to know the inhabitants of the BearPark.

Bär versteckt sich im Gebüsch


Those who make a trip to the BearPark can look forward to many delicacies. There are several restaurants in the immediate vicinity of the BearPark.

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