Security Instructions BearPark

Upon visiting the Bern BearPark, visitors accept the present security instructions as well as any other rules ensuring the safety of the park. The following instructions are mandatory for all visitors.

Visitors should take particular notice of the following:

All instructions given by the personnel must be strictly observed.
The Bear-Park is a natural wildlife park located within the heart of the city of Berne. The use of the Bear-Park is upon visitors own responsibility and risks.
Swimming is strictly forbidden from the riverbanks surrounding the Bear-Park.
Only children accompanied by adults are authorized on the Bear-Park site. Visitors accompanying children shall at all times supervise them.
The River Aare is dangerous. Visitors should be aware that, in this area, the current is very strong and dangerous. The water level can rise suddenly due to storms or heavy rain up river.
The riverbanks surrounding the Bear-Park can be slippery due to humidity or frost.
It is strictly forbidden to climb over the security railings.
In the event of an accident, visitors must immediately contact the personnel or the local authorities.
We thank you for your understanding and wish you a pleasant visit!

Bern BearPark
March 2013

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Verband der Zoologischen Gärten
World Association of Zoos and Aquariums