Coral reefs

Nahaufnahme einer Koralle

rrreefs rebuilds coral reefs

rrreefs is a young and innovative organisation based in Zurich that rethinks, rebuilds and regenerates coral reefs by installing modular underwater clay reef systems. Scientifically optimised, rrreefs’ modular reef system is made from all-natural clay that is adapted to the needs of coral larvae, enabling coral settlement and growth, as well as providing a habitat for a variety of reef animals and helping to restore a natural balance to the ecosystem. These structures, whose size and shape can be adapted to the local topography, serve to restore life to the reef, bring back abundant biodiversity, improve coastal protection and the social/ecological resilience of coastal populations, while raising awareness of coral ecology.


  • Creation of artificial reef systems
  • Continuous optimisation of the reef systems
  • Raising awareness among the population
Aquarium mit Korallen
Nahaufnahme einer Koralle

Rrreefs strives to make their reef system better and better. That is why they do not just build reefs, but accompany each implemented project with scientific research and a thorough monitoring programme. Findings from research help them to gradually improve the reef system.

Education about the loss of coral reefs, their connection to climate change, environmental degradation and pollution, and possible solutions to address the current environmental crisis is crucial to bring about behavioural change in people. Workshops and other educational programmes are designed to achieve a shift in thinking and behaviour among citizens, consumers, private actors and policy makers.


  • Corals
  • Fish, turtles, marine mammals
  • Anemones
  • Sponges
  • And many more

What we use your nature conservation francs (Naturschutzfranken) for

  • Construction and expansion of artificial reefs
  • Monitoring of colonisation by corals
  • Awareness raising together with rrreefs locally and in Switzerland


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