Ohrwürmli animal stories from the Dählhölzli


Join “Ohrwürmli” on a voyage of discovery through the Dählhölzli Zoo.

First, “Ohrwürmli” himself tells us how he came to the zoo. Then the flamingos and nine other hairy, feathered or scaled inhabitants tell exciting, educational and funny animal stories from their everyday lives. As an additional “Gudeli” you will find three bedtime stories to tell at home. In total, there are 14 stories penned by Christoph Simon, two-time poetry slam champion and winner of the Salzburg Bull, which our guests can enjoy.

This is how it works: Download the “Ohrwürmli” app from your store onto your smartphone or scan the QR code at the entrance. Search the area of the Dählhölzli Zoo for the 14 “Ohrwürmli” stations marked on the map in the app and enjoy the funny stories.

The app was funded by Schneider Hörberatung, Bern, Upon request, hearing-impaired visitors to the Bern Zoo can receive a free and individually adapted demo hearing system. The fitting of the demo hearing system takes place on Pre-registration with Schneider Hearing Advice.

Download the “Ohrwürmli” app with your smartphone

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The author of Ohrwürmli

The author is Christoph Simon (freelance writer, cabaret artist and spoken word artist, winner of the 2018 Salzburg Bull), who is known throughout Switzerland.

How it all began

It all began many years ago. The 5-year-old little girl Nong Pim from Thailand was born with a hearing impairment. Because of this, she could not learn the language and was anxious and isolated. The sweet little darling came to Switzerland with her mother to have hearing aids fitted according to European standards at Schneider Hörberatung, as part of a charity campaign. Hearing tests for children are often supported by playful means. Every time Nong Pim heard a sound from her headphones, she lifted up a small stuffed animal. The child always chose the earwig from various species and showed it joyfully. Thanks to the new, modern hearing aids, whose housing was decorated with a funny zebra pattern, Nong Pim learned spoken language, supported by speech therapists in her home country, and was able to complete a school education. Today, the young woman is integrated into professional life and the social environment as a self-employed seamstress.

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