Zoo Posters by Claude Kuhn

Claude Kuhn has designed numerous posters for the zoo. The Bernese graphic artist has even won international prizes for some of them. Would you like to buy one or even several for your home?

Size of the posters

90.5 * 128 cm

Peice Per Poster

The posters cost CHF 40 each, irrespective of the subject.(Depending on the type of delivery, additional costs will be charged.) Dispatch is on account.


Shipment by post within Switzerland (surcharge for packaging Fr. 15.50 and postage Fr. 7.-). No self-collection possible.

Order your desired poster(s) here:

    Brombeeren-Brummbär in rot

    Grünes Plakat mit Bären Silhouette

    Brombeeren Brummbär in grün

    10 Jahre BärenPark Bern


    Grünes Plakat eines Zwergseidenaffens

    Zwergseidenaffe in grün

    1997 60 Jahre TPD Calla

    2003 Seehundeanlage

    2013 Vivarium

    2015 Dählhölzlifest

    1999 Flamingoanlage

    2012 75 Jahre TPD

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