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What is the Bern Animal Park?

Welcome to the website in plain language!
Here you will find information about the Bern Animal Park.
The Bern Animal Park consists of two locations.
The Dählhölzli Zoo and the BearPark.
Animals live in both places.

What is the Dählhölzli Zoo?

The Dählhölzli Zoo is a zoo.
Many large and small animals live in the zoo.

What can I experience at Dählhölzli Zoo?

You can look at animals at Dählhölzli Zoo.
You can learn a lot about animals at the zoo.
You can grill sausages and relax.
You can watch how animals get food.

Where did the Dählhölzli Zoo get its name?

The Dählhölzli Zoo is in a forest in Bern.
This forest is called the Dählhölzli Forest.
Dähle is another word for Scots pine.
The Scots pine is a coniferous tree in the forest.

How do I get to the Dählhölzli Zoo?

Take the bus from Bern main station.
Get on the bus with the number 19.
The bus must say that it is going to Elfenau.
If you need help, ask the bus driver, he will help you.
Get off at the bus stop called Tierpark.
From the bus stop you have to walk to the Dählhölzli Zoo.
When you reach the forest, look for three eagle owls.
At the three eagle owls you will see a sign that will help you to find The Dählhölzli Zoo.

What is the BearPark?

Three bears live in the BearPark.
The three bears are called Finn, Björk and Ursina.

What can I experience at the BearPark?

You can watch the three bears playing, eating, climbing and swimming.
In winter, the bears sleep.

How do I get to the BearPark?

At Bern main station, take the number 12 bus.
Which must be marked “Zentrum Paul Klee / Schosshalde”.
Take the bus to the bus stop “BärenPark”.
The bus stop “BärenPark” is right next to the BearPark.

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