Sponsorships for animals

As an animal sponsor, you support the care and maintenance of your animal in the Bern Animal Park. As a thank you for each sponsorship, you will receive a sponsorship certificate and the “UHU”, the magazine with news and interesting facts from Bern Animal Park. In addition, you are invited to the annual sponsorship day at Bern Animal Park and visit your sponsored animal under the guidance of the animal keepers.

Ice fox, raccoon or would you prefer a moor duck? No matter for which animal you conclude a sponsorship. Every sponsorship benefits the animals of the Bern Animal Park.

How does a sponsorship work?

Select the animal you would like to sponsor and you will be taken to the registration form.

Animal sponsorship funds are administered by the Animal Park Association Bern, the animal park’s sponsoring association. All sponsorship donations are used exclusively for the welfare of the animals of the Bern Animal Park.

The Animal Park Association Bern

Frequently asked questions about animal sponsorship

Can I also transfer the sponsorship from abroad?

Here are the account details if you would like to transfer your sponsorship contribution from abroad:

Berner Kantonalbank, Bern
Tierparkverein Bern
IBAN CH60 0079 0042 3561 4739 3
BLZ or clearing number 790

Do you have any questions? Call us, tel. +41 31 321 15 18.

How long does an animal sponsorship last?

An animal sponsorship lasts for one year. Without cancellation, it is extended for another year.

When does the zoo send out the free admission tickets?

We will send these only after receipt of payment. If payment is received before the sponsorship begins and you have ordered the above-mentioned documents to you, we will also send you the tickets so that you can present them yourself before the sponsorship begins. After the sponsorship has begun, we will send the tickets to the person receiving the gift.

What are the benefits of adopting an animal?

In addition to the good feeling of having done something good for the animals at Dählhölzli, an animal sponsorship brings you the following:

  • a sponsorship certificate; it is sent once after the registration of the sponsorship, i.e. not anew after each renewal of the sponsorship.
  • the “UHU”, the magazine with news and interesting facts from the zoo
  • an annual subscription for a sponsorship from CHF 300 per year*.
  • 4 personal tickets for a sponsorship of CHF 200 per year
  • 2 personal tickets for a sponsorship of CHF 100 per year
  • an entry in the patent board at Dählhölzli Zoo, if you do not refuse this.
  • an invitation to the annual Godparents’ Day in June. On Godparents’ Day, godparents visit their godparents’ animals.

* In the case of accumulation of several sponsorships to CHF 300.- or more, we are unfortunately unable to issue an annual pass instead of the single entry tickets for administrative reasons.

Can I give an animal sponsorship as a gift?

An animal sponsorship is a meaningful gift for Christmas, a birthday, an anniversary or just because.

If you are giving a sponsorship as a gift, please let us know to whom we should send the sponsorship documents (welcome letter, certificate, animal description) – directly to the person receiving the gift OR to you, because you would like to present the gift yourself. In both cases you will receive the invoice

How much does an animal sponsorship cost?

We have created an overview with all patented animals. Here you can find more information about the costs.

Who can become a godmother or godfather?

A godmother or godfather becomes a single person.

Do you have any questions?

Would you like to take out a sponsorship or do you still have questions about a particular animal species? We will be happy to answer them for you.

You can reach us by email at tierpark-bern@bern.ch

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