Day tickets

Day tickets Price
Adults (from 16 years) CHF 11.-*
Children 6 – 15 years CHF 7.-*
IV children 6 – 15 years CHF 6.-*
Children up to 6 years Free
Families (max. 2 adults, max. 4 children, 6 – 15 years) CHF 28.-***
Menschen im Rollstuhl inkl. Betreuungsperson gratis
People with visual impairment incl. carer free
Residents incl. caregivers free
Culture-Legi, adults CHF 10.-
KulturLegi, Families CHF 24.-

*Prices include a voluntary nature conservation franc (* CHF 1.00 / ** CHF 10.00/ *** CHF 4.00, **** CHF 5.00). Visitors who do not wish to pay this amount can inform the ticket office.

Order vouchers online

Would you like to give away a unique experience? Then order here Vouchers for your loved ones for a trip around the world in one day at the Bern Animal Park.

Frequently asked questions about the Day tickets

Can I pay cashless at the cash desk?

Yes, we accept the following cards: Postcard, Maestro card, Mastercard, VISA.

In addition, payments can be made with TWINT.

How much does zoo admission cost for care home residents?

Admission to the zoo is free of charge for residents including their carers.

How much does zoo admission cost for people in wheelchairs?

Zoo admission for people in wheelchairs incl. 1 carer is free of charge.

How much does the zoo admission cost for children under 6?

Zoo admission for children under 6 is free.

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