Feeding times

Our harbour seals are currently in Sweden. The seals’ enclosure is getting on in years. It is now being modernised and will offer the seals a new, attractive underwater experience in the future. The outdoor areas as well as the underwater facilities will be designed in such a way that the marine mammals can live out their natural behaviour, especially under water, and have sufficient comfort zones on land.

We will replace the seal feedings with other feedings for the predators, fish and monkeys. You will soon find the new feeding times here.

In the meantime, you are pursuing here, what Saluk blogs from his holidays.

Nahaufnahme von einem Schwarzen Pacu


Meeting point: in front of the reef

09:15 H


Meeting point: Puffin house

14:30 H


Meeting place: in the BearHouse

13:30 H

All other animals are fed at different times each day.

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