Eat & Drink

Those who make an excursion to the zoo can look forward to many delicacies. Be it with a hearty meal at the “Restaurant Dählhölzli” or with an animal picnic at the Brätliplatz. We look forward to seeing you!

Eulen Bistro mit bestuhlter Sonnenterrasse im Eulen Bistro

Eulen Bistro

Space for enjoyment – the Eulen Bistro. Enjoyment in the sense of culinary delight, sustainability and regionality are not empty words for us – and all of this as a Bernese total package.

Sitzecke mit Snackautomat

The cafetta corner

In the Vivarium you can get a coffee, a drink or small snacks. The vending machines only work with cards

The barbecue or grill area

The barbecue area next to the Wolf enclosure invites you to linger and relax while the children climb around like monkeys on the playground next door. Grill the food you’ve brought with you on the barbecue or take advantage of the culinary offerings at the new Owl Bistro.

Your event at the zoo

Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, company party or family celebration: Dählhölzli with its Vivarium, the Bear House, the Puffin Hall or the Pulpit with the Wisents is the ideal place for an aperitif, your company event or your private celebration. Now available to book as a complete package with the Owl Bistro.

On the secluded banks of the Aare, at the entrance to the zoo.

Restaurant Dählhölzli

Guests can enjoy small or large culinary delights under shady trees by the Aare or indoors, in the spacious gallery restaurant or in the practical self-service area. The restaurant is located between the children’s zoo and the Aare riverside complex.


Here you will find questions and answers about your visit to the zoo. Get an overview!

Verein zooschweiz
European Association of Zoos and Aquaria
Verband der Zoologischen Gärten
World Association of Zoos and Aquariums