Zoo house rules

To ensure that not only visitors but also our animals feel at home at Tierpark Bern, everyone must abide by the rules. By observing them, you will help to ensure that everyone is happy and has a pleasant visit to the zoo. Tierpark Bern asks all visitors to comply with the following house rules.

Accompanying children

Children under the age of 12 are only permitted to visit the Dählhölzli Zoo if accompanied by an adult. Parents are responsible for their children, teachers for their pupils and guides for their children or young people.


Animals must be treated with respect. It is not permitted to feed, tease or startle animals. Do not leave the paths. Climbing over barriers and reaching into animal enclosures is strictly prohibited. Do not follow our free-roaming animals when they retreat to have some peace and quiet. Balloons, balls, Frisbee disks, water spray guns, drones etc. are not permitted in Tierpark Bern. Please do not disturb other visitors to the zoo with your behavior. Visitors who are rowdy or who are clearly under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be removed from the zoo.


Dogs are not allowed in the admission section of the zoo and in the children’s zoo; they must be kept on a leash in the non-admission section. Assistance dogs accompanied by an impaired person may be taken into the accessible part of the zoo and into the children’s zoo.


Photography and filming is permitted for private purposes. For commercial photography or commercial photography courses on the entire zoo grounds (Dählhölzli and BärenPark), you require the zoo’s permission. Please note that the use of flashes on the animals is prohibited. Drone photography is not permitted.


The instructions of the zoo staff must be followed. Please note the opening hours of the Dählhölzli Zoo. Outside opening hours, visitors are only permitted in the Dählhölzli Zoo as part of guided tours and closed events. Use of the playgrounds is at your own risk; children must be supervised.


Visitors who do not comply with the zoo regulations may be expelled from the park.


We thank you for your understanding and hope you enjoy your visit to the zoo!

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