Space for animal experiences – grasping diversity

Make your visit to the zoo or the BearPark something very special! Experience a guided tour in the BearPark, spend a night in Dählhölzli, look over the shoulder of the animal keeper at work, celebrate a child’s birthday in the BearPark or, as a school class, supplement and deepen your school lessons in workshops. Whether it’s scales, feathers or spines, the word “touch” is taken literally at Bern Animal Park: Experiencing with all your senses makes it easier to understand complex interrelationships and is great fun for animals.

Your private experience

Would you like to be up close and personal when the animals are fed? Make your child’s birthday an animal experience? Or book a carriage ride for your private event? We have a variety of offers at Dählhölzli as well as at the BearPark for your unforgettable private experience.

Location: Dählhölzli or BearPark

Experiences for children

Bern Animal Park offers young animal lovers plenty of highlights to discover the exciting animal world and even experience it up close. Watching the animals is always allowed and very welcome.

Location: Dählhölzli or BearPark

Guided tours

Our guided tours are fun and educational and are offered under expert guidance for adults and children. A guided tour of the Dählhölzli or BearPark will give you exciting background knowledge about the animals and their habitats.

Location: Dählhölzli or BearPark

Private event

Bern Animal Park with its vivarium, bear house, puffin hall or the pulpit by the wisents is the ideal place for an aperitif, your company event or your private celebration.

Location: Dählhölzli or BearPark


Have you ever visited the zoo under the full moon? Would you like to experience the BearPark behind the scenes? Here we inform you about the various thematic guided tours and other public events at Dählhölzli and BearPark. We look forward to your visit.

Location: Dählhölzli or BearPark
Schulklassen erleben während des Zoobesuches spannende Informationen zu den Tieren und ihren Lebensräumen.


The zoo is a place where you learn even when you have no intention of learning anything! The aim of the zoo schools is to awaken understanding for animals and their environment and to provide unforgettable experiences.

Location: Dählhölzli or BearPark

Carriage ride at Dählhölzli

Tuesday and Friday afternoons only in good weather.

When: There are NO carriage rides today.

Location: Dählhölzli
Nahaufnahme von einem künstlichen Krokodil

Our Infomobiles

Our Infomobil attendants look forward to your visit and have answers to almost all questions. A visit to the zoo is always worthwhile.

Location: Dählhölzli
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