to the Dählhölzli Zoo

Day tickets

  • Adults (from 16 years)
    CHF 11.-*
  • Children 6 – 15 years
    CHF 7.-*
  • Children up to 6 years
  • Families (max. 2 adults, max. 4 children, 6 – 15 years)
    CHF 28.-***


  • AHV/IV pensioners, apprentices, students
    CHF 9.-*
  • IV children 6 – 15 years
    CHF 6.-*
  • Members Animal Park Association, adults
    CHF 9.-*
  • Family members of Animal Park Association, children 6 – 15 years old
    CHF 6.-*

Annual Passes

  • Adults (from 16 years)
    CHF 80.-**
  • Children 6 – 15 years
    CHF 45.-****
  • IV children 6 – 15 years
    CHF 45.-****
  • Families (max 2 adults, max 4 children, 6 – 15 years)
    CHF 140.-**
  • AHV/IV pensioners
    CHF 60.-**
  • Apprentices, students
    CHF 55.-****


  • Municipal schools, children from 6 years + 1 teacher
  • Other schools, children from 6 years (1 teacher free of charge)
    CHF 6.-
  • in initial training (1 teacher free of charge)
    CHF 6.-
  • Accompanying person for school classes
    CHF 8.-


  • Companies / groups (20 persons or more) per person
    CHF 9.-*

Order vouchers online

Would you like to give a unique experience as a gift? Then order vouchers here for your loved ones for a trip around the world in one day at Bern Animal Park.

*Prices include a voluntary nature conservation franc (* CHF 1.00 / ** CHF 10.00/ *** CHF 4.00, **** CHF 5.00). Visitors who do not wish to pay this amount can inform the ticket office.

The diversity at Dählhölzli Zoo

The Dählhölzli Zoo is home to the vast majority of our animals. In the Vivarium, at the heart of the zoo, zoo guests experience exotic animals such as marmosets, snakes, monitor lizards and crocodiles, noisy frogs and numerous birds, some of them free-flying, from the subtropics of Asia, Africa and America. In three large aquatic landscapes, visitors are immersed in the underwater world of the Amazon, reef and mangrove.

Behind the Vivarium are the Nordic enclosures with the unique primitive musk oxen, the lively puffins (both are unique in Switzerland) and the enclosures of seals, leopards, wolves, bears and many others.

With a day admission or an annual pass, you can enter the diversity of the Dählhölzli Zoo.

Aare riverbank and children’s zoo with native animals

Along the banks of the Aare are the enclosures of almost exclusively native animal species, such as those of the ibex, chamois, otter and wild boar. You can experience the animals in these enclosures around the clock, and they are free of charge, as is the children’s zoo with various farm animals.

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